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Clamp Electrode

Each pack contains Red, Yellow, and Green, Black one of each, a set of four pieces of reusable ECG Electrode Clamp are Well-matched with any ECG cable or lead wires with a nut for adjustment to any size. Made of Nickel material, well-suited with all ECG/EKG cables like Banan 4.0mm, needle 3.0mm, snap and pinch.

The Electrodes are of 7 square centimeters, good contact, low noise, used for general ECG, compatible in point machine, HP/Philip, GE/Marquette, Siemens, and Schiller etc.

Chest Electrode

These Chest electrodes are supplied in a set of six. They are used for general ECG (In point machine: HP/Philip, GE/Marquette, Siemens, and Schiller etc.) using snap-on Lead Wires that helps for a good contact and low noise.

Latex free metal electrodes are compatible for all resting ECG and recommended for GE-Marqutte, Schiller, Bionet, Mortala, Burdick.



Sony ultrasound printer papers are with high resolution and preservation of excellent video image quality on both glossy papers and normal papers with individual packs.

HG Roll

The Sony UPP-110HG high density glossy black and white thermal paper for the UP-895MD, UP-897MD, UP-D895 and UP-D897 Sony printers, A6 type media, 110mmwidth with 240 prints per roll, and 10 rolls per box.